Thursday, April 7, 2011

UWN - Unidentified Casino Stock

UWN - Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc operates as a developer, owner, and opera tor of gaming facilities in Colorado and Washington. Read more here UWN recently applied for license in Nevada and this would be a catalyst for the stock to skyrocket once the approval is granted. My average price for UWN is $1.35. Considering the bullish sentiment we are seeing in Casino stocks, I think UWN has much more upside from here. My price target on UWN by the end of this year is $5. Click here for its recent quarter

Here is another speculative tip!!! UAMY.OB - United States Antimony Corporation is a US based rare earth company engages in the production and sale of antimony and zeolite products in the United States. Click here for more This is going to be very volatile and speculative in the future. Price target $2.50. I'm in at $.95.

Also keep an eye on CRIS. It's a buy between $3.50 and $4. Price target $7. I'm in at $3.30.

A general Caution and Advise --As I always advise in my posts, Do not chase stocks. please keep in mind that I am not a Stock Market Analyst or an Investment Adviser to count on my recommendations/alerts. As always please do your DD before investing or speculating, start with a small position, always keep your stop losses in place and emotions out. Finally thank me for your profits but do not blame me for your losses because you are the one who pulled the trigger!!


  1. Excellent call Mr. Incredible! UAMY is up almost 50% after you blogged it. I got in it at $1.05 after I got your newsletter and am still holding it. Do you still stick with your price target of $2.50. What other REEs are you following? Thanks for the tips.

  2. Yes my conservative price target on UAMY is still $2.50 in the short term and it could even hit $4 depending on how long the REE sector stays in news. I would keep any eye on MCP options, which have been very volatile in the last couple of weeks and I think the stock is ready for a major break out. My short term target on MCP is $80..I would not be be surprised if it hits $74 this week.

  3. hi mr incredible! in your opinion, why MTSL can't stay over 2 ? also yesterday he made a run until 2.16 and then he down until 1.80. Do you still positive on this? thanks you in advance.

  4. All I can say is somethin brewin :) wait for a 1 million volume day to see the spike...I think it's gonna happen in the near future. but as always due your dd and please do not rely on my completely.


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