Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OINK OINK OINK...Bought some Hogs!

Not the real ones but just some shares of OINK at $3.90. Chinese stocks have been beaten down badly and now are gaining their momentum again. Here are the Q2 results of OINK, click here
My target on OINK is $6. Also it is worth focusing on Rare Earth Metal stocls which are going to see huge upside in the coming days. I personally like REE and TC but since with REE risk/reward is high when compared to its peers, I pickced REE at $7.50 after today...I read about MLLOF.PK, which according to someone on a message board is owned by the same CEO of REE so it reflects the trend in REE. Most of the rare earth metal stocks are on pink sheets...will post about more stocks soon
Sold small chunk of GENT and WXCO and all of WSCI (it started moving up oh well...

A general Caution and Advise -As I always advise in my posts, Do not chase stocks. please keep in mind that I am not a Stock Market Analyst or an Investment Adviser to count on my recommendations/alerts. As always please do your DD before investing or speculating, start with a small position, always keep your stop losses in place and emotions out. Finally thank me for your profits but do not blame me for your losses because you are the one who pulled the trigger!!!

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