Friday, March 18, 2011

New positions - RADA, NEON, IRE, CTIC

Here are the stock I bought recently..
  1. RADA - RADA Electronics Industries Ltd. is an Israel based defense electronics contractor. The Company specializes in Data Recording and Management (Digital Video & Data Recorders, Ground Debriefing Stations, Head-Up Display Cameras), click here for more about the company and its 4th quarter results. They had an excellent 4th quarter. I am in @ $3.25 and If my prediction is correct then we are soon going to see the momentum build up and the stock price hitting $7.

  2. NEON- Neonode Inc. provides optical touch screen solutions for handheld consumer and industrial electronic devices in Sweden and internationally. It develops touch screen technologies that enrich the user?s experience in interacting with mobile computing, communications, and entertainment devices. Read more here. There are lot of interesting developments happening with this company..It is definitely worth adding a small position to your speculative portfolio. I am in @ 12. This is a pure hand held device play which is super hot and just speculation with momentum players will drive this one to .50

  3. IRE - No introduction required. I'm in it @ @2.04

  4. CTIC - This is another biotech speculative play which is expecting FDA's approval for its Pixantrone drug in the first quarter 2011. Cell Therapeutics filed an appeal with FDA contesting the agency's April 2010 rejection of pixantrone. I bought CTIC September $1 calls at .03 with a hope that it gets FDA approval to it Pixantrone drug this quarter. This is purely like playing Lotto!
A general Caution and Advise --As I always advise in my posts, Do not chase stocks. please keep in mind that I am not a Stock Market Analyst or an Investment Adviser to count on my recommendations/alerts. As always please do your DD before investing or speculating, start with a small position, always keep your stop losses in place and emotions out. Finally thank me for your profits but do not blame me for your losses because you are the one who pulled the trigger!!


  1. Hi Mr.Incredible - I hold URG. Do you advise to still hold it considering that there is URG earnings call tomorrow ?

  2. Any news on MTSL earnings?

  3. Regarding URG - At what price did you buy? like I said in my previous post, URG, URZ, URRE, CCJ gave a nice buying opportunity last week. Rush for Ur has definitely slowed down but not dead. If you have Ur stocks then hold them.

    Regarding MTSL - No news on earnings yet but they're going to announce anytime soon.

    Other picks - Keep any eye on PRAN. Huge volume and momentum was built in this stock today. Nice entry point would be $2.20 (if it drops to this level tomorrow) and exit @ a price where you think 'It's enough' :)

    Good night and Good luck for tomorrow's trading!

  4. Thanks Mr.Incredible. Regarding URG - I got in at 1.60, I will hold it as advised. Thanks!

  5. All Rare Earths came back roaring. Keep an eye on CHGS, XING, AVL, REE, and MCP. Dont chase..wait for a pull back. We might see a gap up in these stocks tomorrow and could continue the uptrend during the 1st part of the day and we might then see a pull back.

  6. Can you give us your thoughts on GERN, SPPI, ONCY,, EXEL, EXAS, GALE, IMUC? ''''thinking to invest long-term for my son......... Please advise.


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