Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ALLN - Online Casino Play !!!

Allin Corporation, ALLN - Allin Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides solutions-oriented application development, technology consulting, and technology platform integration services in the United States and internationally. DigiCasino that provides games, including video poker and 9-line slots; DigiManager, a content management and reporting system; and DigiMobile, a solution that provides ITV information and services to guests’ mobile devices. In addition, the company offers hardware and broadcast component configuration; implementation of ITV technology at customer sites; and maintenance and support services for a large customer base of ITV systems. Read more here

Catalysts for momentum to build:
  1. N.J. Senate overwhelmingly OKs online casino gambling bill - The state Senate on Thursday passed a bill that would let New Jersey residents to play online versions of casino games anywhere in the state. The 33-3 vote gives Governor Christie 45 days to decide whether he wants to veto the proposal, as he did nearly two years ago. The vote followed a 48-25 Assembly vote on Monday in favor of online gambling, which supporters say already occurs illegally. New Jersey is in a race with several states, including California and Nevada, to be the first to offer such gambling. Read more here
  2. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Approves Field Trial of In-Room Gaming on Allin ITV Platform at The Borgata Hotel Casino and SpaThe New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has approved a field trial of in-room slots and video poker to be conducted on Allin Interactive's ITV platform at The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, starting in February...Read more here
ALLN  is unknown to many people despite the news about NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement was out on 02/11/2013. Neither Yahoo Finance or Google Finance posted this news item so it did not catch the attention of traders/investors. ALLN  trades on OTC exchange and is very thinly traded. However after I exposed it on Twitter it traded around 50K shares against a month average volume of 4K shares.

ALLN has 9.3M outstanding shares and 3.4 M in float...yes it's a tiny float play and we love it !!! Since the float is tiny you will see crazy BID/ASK spread. Do NOT chase the stock. There will be many more opportunities in the future...

Disclosure: This stock has potential to hit $1.50 without any "PROMOTION" and if it goes into the  hands of a "PROMOTER" who did stocks like GNIN (went from .20 to $3.50) recently, I would expect it to hit $4.50. Even without "PUMP" I think this stock can move based on Online Federal and State Gaming rules that have been changing recently.. I am long ALLN at .30. I might add more shares or unload partial position and or entire position depending on the market trend.

A general Caution and Advise - As I always advise in my posts, Do not chase stocks. please keep in mind that I am not a Stock Market Analyst or an Investment Adviser to count on my recommendations/alerts. As always please do your DD before investing or speculating, start with a small position, always keep your stop losses in place and emotions out. Finally thank me for your profits but do not blame me for your losses because you are the one who pulled the trigger!!!


  1. Incredible,

    Feeding the KOI reminds of Hawaii... :-).
    ALLN is an interesting pick; could rip soon!

    See partial article below!!! MGM owns a 50 percent stake in Borgata... SWEET!

    Suzette Parmley, Inquirer Staff Writer
    Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 6:07 AM

    When Borgata debuted in 2003, MGM was the silent partner and Boyd the operator under a joint venture. Borgata has been Atlantic City's top-grossing casino every year since.

    In a Feb. 11 statement, MGM said: "If our petition is successful, we would welcome the opportunity to once again be an active, contributing member of the New Jersey gaming marketplace through our 50 percent ownership of Borgata."

    Boyd Gaming said it was supportive of MGM's application.

    Contact Suzette Parmley at 215-854-2855 or sparmley@phillynews.com.


  2. Great find! Thanks Stockenup for responding to my article and following me on Twitter !!!

    1. You're welcome.
      Looking for good things to happen with ALLN.
      Also, did you see SUTR today? Making another nice move to new highs... I like this one a lot; I mentioned it @ $1.45 on your Twitter page a couple of weeks ago; hit $2.15 today!
      Good luck,

  3. Hi Mr.Incredible...you still long on MTSL?? What is a good price to unload MTSL?

  4. I have been unloading at every spike and buying it when it drops. Net long. so my average is very low. These shares are almost free so I do not care about earnings...If numbers are good then expect $6-$7.

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