Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl picks for 02-04-2013 - CCUR, TELK, RVLT


I see only 3 stocks for tomorrow, 02-04-2013 -- CCUR, TELK, RVLT

CCUR - Heavy buying was noticed in this stock on Friday, 02/01. Stock closed at $7.49 and there is a high potential to open up above $8 and hit $10 on with Monday, 02-04. I believe this stock will be under heavy manipulation going forward and could even hit $15 if the mob operates it well ! Low Float of 6.9M shares so DO NOT CHASE. Understand the movements before you trade.

TELK - This is another 2.4 Million low float Israeli Pharmaceutical  stock that had some noticeable buying on Friday. Stock closed at $1.72 on above average volume and has potential to cross $2.25. SA article says TELK is an AGGRESSIVE BUY!!! click here. Any positive news piece from the company will take this stock to $4s.

RVLT - This is also another small float stock with around 9M shares in float. They went through lot of  corporate changes recently like changing the name of the company, appointing new CFO, acquiring a company, which claims to have $1B worth of projects in its here It does not look like market fully noticed this little puppy. Stock started moving since 01/24 when they announced new CFO and a new $10M contract. Chart looks strong with 4EMA and RSI at healthy levels..

I am long TELK and RVLT and might take a small position in CCUR. NOT GOING TO CHASE tho.

Not sure if guys are following the blog but I've been receving a very good response from some of you guys through Twitter and thank you all for your support! My Twitter followers have risen from 18 to 282 in just a month!!! That is INCREDIBLE!!!

EAC, SLTC, CIMT, PRCP, HMNY, CPSS - ALL these picks were alerted around 01-02-2013 and they went up huge since then. Keep following and we will have great picks going forward!!!

A general Caution and Advise As I always advise in my posts, Do not chase stocks. please keep in mind that I am not a Stock Market Analyst or an Investment Adviser to count on my recommendations/alerts. As always please do your DD before investing or speculating, start with a small position, always keep your stop losses in place and emotions out. Finally thank me for your profits but do not blame me for your losses because you are the one who pulled the trigger!!!

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